25_CeNt Happy new year from the Quarter! It has been a while and life is hectic but decided it was time to drop by and give a shout to my old mates yarrrrrrrrrrr. Lets link and do some rounds soon plz! \r\nxxx
Dozorca I wish it was still 2010 year when all servers were full, and you had to wait for slots to play for example on 2Anxious server.
TheOldSoldier Hi guys/girls, long time no see how are you all?
Fcrate Omg, Siema Ares. Hola Torri ^^
GurToRri Wasuup
Ares LoL,this site still working!\r\nI Wasn't here for long time
Fcrate Yes?
Hrach Anyone? :O
Fcrate DOZORCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dozorca hi all it's been a while
-M3!$t3r- Happy New Year friends! How are u? Long time without playing\r\n
CheCheNorris Shout!!!!!
Rogue Happy new year